Why go to an osteopath?

During our life the body is exposed to varying harmfull circumstances. Distress within the body as well as from outside the body can cause the balance to be disturbed. Often the self healing capabilities of the human body is able to recover itself over time. However, sometimes the disturbance is strong or it lasts too long, resulting in a body out of balance, not being able to recover completely. This may be due to overload, a trauma, accident, surgery or after prolonged stress. Reduced mobility of tissues may cause complaints such as pain.

An osteopath explores the musculoskeletal system in the human body. This is done by examination of the posture and movement device, the internal organs with suspension system and the nervous system. Next, treatment consists of manually restoring the mobility of these structures, through direct mobilizations (manipulations) or indirect techniques (light mobilizations). The osteopath restores the body’s self-correcting ability. One also learns how to prevent recurrent complaints. By restoring mobility dysfunctions, the body is able to heal itself and restore its health and ability to function without complaints.