Bukkems Topsport Osteopathy

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Every athlete will experience injury someday. For example, soccer players often suffer from groin complaints. An opponent’s rough tackle or another type of trauma is often the cause. The athlete gets up and plays on, not aware of the fact that his pelvis and lower back are out of balance. A few days to a week later, the soccer player is experiencing groin complaints after training, which increases with time and intensity of training. Some soccer players stop playing sports if they experience injuries for a long time. That’s a pity as an ostoepath might make a difference.

What can an osteopath change in this situation? An osteopath checks the motility of the joints, muscles and organs. The osteopath corrects the motility where necessary to get the body back to balance. After treatment, exercises are also provided to prevent future injuries. Groin complaints in soccer players for example are typical in the sense that it causes much suffering although it can most of the times be easily treated.

Within the (top) sport, it regularly occurs that the body is overloaded, causing injuries. This can happen due to decrease in physical loadability when the athlete is ill for example, or due to vigorous training sessions. A visit to an osteopath will cause the body to be optimally balanced, resulting into sufficient resistant to intensive training regimes. Due to increase in loadability, the athlete recovers faster from trainings and facilitates the natural recovery of the body towards injuries.In other words, in (top)level sports it is standard care to be monitored by an osteopath to be one step ahead of the competition in the field..

Do you want to evaluate whether your body is in balance or are you experiencing complaints from your body during sports or in daily life? Please feel free to book an appointment.